The Lancel spirit


Beautifully Practical

To be as beautiful as functional, Lancel solved that problem decades ago, subjectinf design to a set of mandatory constraints. In Lancel’s philosophy, the beautiful and the practical are inseparable. In an ongoing dialogue enriched by creative design, year after year, decade after decade, its products reflect that union. From an adjustable strap that can be used in various ways to an invisible pocket for tucking in that last-minute huest pass, everything is a question of perspective, of choice, of viewpoint.


A Wealth of Skills

A constellation of leatherwork stars available in countless different forms thanks to Lancel’s craftsmanship. The Maison even boasts its own workshop for producing prototypes: a thousand and one leather bound dreams spring straight from the design studio’s imagination, known for its great freedom and artistry. Far from being a gimmick, this traduction arises from a genuine relationship with Lancel’s clientele, prompting the Maison to use the finest leathers – such as buffalo or alligator – and the most striking colors. And inspiring it to come up with secret pockets, to adapt to clients’ needs and to suit every conceivable requirement and occasion. Lancel has always had a knack for this luxury.


The right moment

A feeling for the timely, the here and now, must be accompanied by a vision of an overall lifestyle served by the « Ingenious and generous » skills designed to somplify and engance the many lives we all lead today. For men and women on the move (more concerned with the right shape and materials than an image that will only last for one season), Lancel offers a range of possibilities that combine pratically with optimism, visual dynamism with color, sobriety with whimsy, and authenticity with humor. Those fleeting, perfect moments, expressing a dynamic personality as equally demanding of accessories as of oneself, and uncompromising when it comes to the portable home that is a handbag, an overnight bag, or a suitcase bound for every imaginable destination.


A Tribute to Taste

Taste, for Lancel, is a question of proportion, of lines, of milimeters, of the secrets of the Maison, it is a balance between visual dynamism and suppleness, between strong presence and discretion. Taste feeds on surprise, on combinations of materials and bold colors workd to created pleasant contrasts, designed not so much to dazzle as to delight, to seem as naturally obvious as a single color. Lancel expresses a sense of taste through volume and surface on everything from key ring to suitcases; in lively variations, on the ever-changing theme of life with its endless moods.


POP & Co

Nomadic accordions, pockets to multiply according to a palette of feelings, from the unsuspected marine to the invigorating green meadow. It's audacity in fantasy. Red Charlie. And POPs that are multiplying into a large family of solutions for every moment of the day and night, from electric blue to yellow gin fizz.