By creating a world where beauty and practicality are inseparable, where desires are met without a word being said, Lancel has weaved a powerful connection with women. Today, with the Special Orders, that bond becomes even more intimate as Lancel offers women the opportunity to create their own design. An opportunity exclusively known by a few, and only made possible thanks to Lancel's prototyping Atelier at the very heart of it's Parisian head quarters–a rarity amongst French houses. This exception allows Lancel to create exclusive designs for–and with–its clients, giving them access to unparalleled savoir-faire, especially when it comes to exotic leathers. Lancel, a true pioneer, was the first to adventure out of the leather goods beaten tracks developing an expertise which became the delight of the fashionable Paris of its time.
The Atelier overflows with skins and possibilities; some classic leathers (cowhide, goat,...), some not so classic (trout, salmon,...), and some truly exotic ones (crocodile, python, ostrich,...), in a hue of intensely magnificent colours. A particularly inspiring and extraordinarily high quality diverse offer which contributes to the exceptional nature of the unique models created by the Atelier for Lancel. One cannot develop a Lancel design with a snap of the fingers, quite the contrary. To create a Lancel bag, one has to compose with 50 to 60 distinct elements. It starts with an idea or a drawing, then the leathers, metals, threads and fabrics are fine tuned, riffing of different materials, shapes and thickness. It requires a savoir-faire that is abounding, plural, precise and of its time.
The Special Orders, based on one of the existing lines, allow women to gift themselves a Lancel like none other, their very own Lancel. Materials, textures, tints, sizes, finishes, the possibilities of customisation are endless–or almost. A perfect opportunity to let creativity run wild and to explore one's mood, desires, whims, follies... Boldness is encouraged and every collection lends itself admirably to a game of charm and customisation. Only one thing left to do, choose between Ninon, Premier Flirt, Idylle, Roxane or their alter egos, and render them extraordinary. Beyond customisation, a Special Order can truly metamorphose a design.
In addition to these very Special Orders, Lancel has on offer unique Editions and numbered designs from ultra-limited series. Made from entire hides, production surplus or left over leather sourced in the Atelier, these unique Editions materialise from the available resources, lines and inspiration of the moment. Pink python skin, ice blue ostrich, metallic trout leather, in an exotic or smooth finish, patent or mat... everything becomes a source of inspiration for the creation and reinterpretation of Lancel's treasures. Whether Orders or Editions, the one-offs orchestrated by Lancel get it right: women gain access to exceptional pieces and Lancel brings to life the wonderful treasures hiding in the Atelier's draws. A way for the brand to actively fight wastage, an issue particularly close to its heart.