A Wealth of Skills
The Renewal
Bringing beauty to our desires. Since its beginnings in 1876, Lancel has endeavoured to create top-of-the-range leather goods, tinged with audacity and fantasy. With its timeless and elegant creations, crafted with extraordinary know-how, Lancel brilliantly defines the contours of French style.

Resolution #1

"I will choose quality and durability."
It is in the heart of the 8th arrondissement that creations of Lancel come to life. In the prototyping workshop rue Pasquiere, the teams respond with elegance and know-how to the proposals of the design office. From the stroke of a pencil to the reality of a prototype. Defining proportions, cutting and then re-cutting the canvas, testing the different leathers and metal parts that will bring an extra touch of style... Thanks to a perfect balance between craftsmanship, a rich historical heritage and mastery of contemporary production tools, the workshop takes up every challenge with enthusiasm. Made in Italy, near Florence, the bags and leather goods benefit from the finest leathers, carefully selected. The leathers come from breeding farms and specific attention is given to their treatment, with a responsible approach. A perfect guarantee of quality.

Resolution #2

“I choose timelessness, which never goes out of fashion."
If Lancel has been part of the spirit of the times for so long, it is undoubtedly because the Maison knows the art of intensely engaging with the here and now and being deeply inspired by the world of today. A world in constant motion, with all of its history, painting, cinema, literature, travel... so many influences, which, combined with the Maison’s boldness and inventiveness, inspire its design team season after season. As well, it is not uncommon for the team to visit the very heart of the Maison’s archives, a precious and inexhaustible storehouse of refined elegance that can define the uniqueness of a line and the bold modernity of Lancel’s heritage. Lancel models are refined, joyful and timeless, yet they are always exceptionally functional—they cultivate the ultimate chic of being practical and well as beautiful. That quality is undoubtedly what makes them so absolutely essential.

Resolution #3

"I will choose Elegance à la française".
An iconic Parisian maison, Lancel has contributed to the reputation of French fashion for more than a century. From a family workshop dedicated to innovative accessories and everyday objects, Lancel has enlarged its universe to women’s fashion while sticking to elegance – à la française – envied throughout the world, without ever compromising its legendary know-how. Elegant, audacious and refined, its creations are usually surprising while always meeting its clients’ needs. The archives of the maison Lancel are presented to the public during the Journées du Patrimoine et des Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art in the historic Parisian boutique of Opéra, and demonstrate the mischievous spirit of the maison over time. Like handbags from the fifties revealing secret drawers.

Resolution #4

"I will choose audacity."
Always reinventing itself. The Lancel pieces are one of a kind, designed to better fit their owner. The creations of the maison are daring, using a vibrant palette of colors from pastel to lively shades, audacious patterns, and exotic leathers. Useful, they are ideally matching our modern wardrobe. Whether carried over the shoulder, with a strap or by hand, the creations of Lancel are always focusing on easing the movement. A made to measure service is also carried by the workshop, making it possible to choose the leather, colors, straps and even personalize the creation with hot-stamping…making your accessory the most personal possible.
Precision, know-how, boldness and quality.
The Lancel maison is sustaining the strength of French creation brilliantly. The timeless handbags and accessories tell the rich story of fashion in their own way and are passed on from one generation to the next.