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LANCEL celebrates the Lunar New Year placed under the sign of the Wood Dragon.
The imperial animal invokes in essence strength, prosperity and luck, tempered by the element of Wood, and heralds an era of creativity, curiosity, and boundless audacity.
Just like the mythical creature, at last we dare to spread our wings.
And Lancel is not one to shy away from a challenge.
In honour of the Dragon of renewal and openness, magnificent reds flow and intertwine at the heart of Lancel’s collections. A boding of good fortune and happiness, the Emperors’ colour blends with Lancel’s signature Rouge Baiser, crowning each model with majestic radiance. In doing so, Lancel reveals to the world the long-mastered art of being eye-catching whilst spotlighting 147 years of savoir-faire.
2024 will be flamboyant, and no less.